Two years ago we have been working in the area of sustainability for our cottages and rent a car. We have developed, altogether with our partners, a policy of sustainability that translates into commitment and good management practices in the 3 topics that include sustainability worldwide : Economic , Socio-Cultural and Environmental.



We are a company committed to compliance with the legislation in force. We view our staff as our greatest capital, therefore we offer quality jobs and the possibility of permanent training.

We have a supply policy that contemplates the purchase of products with local suppliers. We strive to offer our customers maximum satisfaction and the adequate rest.



We want to contribute to the local development of the Rapa Nui community, caring for its natural heritage, historical and cultural importance, applying practices of minimum impact, to make use of them, informing and promoting a responsible care of our customers. We will support our services with the development and diffusion of cultural activities.



Contribute to the maintenance and care of the territory where we live , implementing best practices and actions for water management , efficient use of energy and proper waste management, in order to conserve biodiversity and achieve lower carbon footprint .


Rapa Nui, is one of the world´s most isolated inhabited island, it´s nearest continental contact point is 3.500 Km from the coast of Chile and 4.050 from French Polynesia. The island is about 24.6 Km long by 12.3 Km at its widest point; its overall shape Is triangular and it has an area of 163 square kilometers, the maximum altitude is Maunga Terevaca wich stands at 507 meters.


The climate of Eastern Island ( Rapa Nui ) is Subtropical maritime is characterized by sunny days with sudden rains. The temperature average is of 20 ºC (70 ºF) and a humidity averages yearly of 77%.
There are two basic seasons basically spring and summer.

The coldest month: August 14 ºC – 17 ºC
The hottest month: February 24 ºC – 28 ºC
Rainier month: May
Temperature averages yearly: 20ºC
Temperature averages yearly of the water: 20 ºC (65 ºF)


3.791 (last census)


Dollars, Eurus, Chilean Pesos.


Santander (automatic cashiers, credit cards, exchange of dollar – Eurus)
Banco Estado


Rapa Nui, Spanish,  English and French.